The Sieve service is designed especially for the recruiting and hiring community. It automatically processes multiple resumes and generates a skills profile for each resume and ranks and presents these profiles in a sorted order, both in text as well as graphical form.

What Recruiters Look For


When reviewing the resumes to determine the qualifications of a candidate versus the job requirements and when selecting the best-matching candidates, a recruiter usually looks for the following with regards to each required skill:

Traditional Techniques


Traditionally, he/she extracts the information required by the recruiter from a resume by physically reading and reviewing the resume and then manually documenting the results of his review for comparison of resumes. In some cases, like in the case of resumes available on major and renowned job sites like Monster, Dice, Net temps etc some of this information is available in the resumes. However;

What the Application Provides


Functionality of The Sieve may be categorized as:

Input Functionality


Output Functionality


Benefits of Using the Application


Evaluating Resumes


After you have logged in, The Sieve displays the Input screen where you enter your skills criteria for evaluation of resumes.


Fig1. - Input Screen

The Input Screen comprises the following components:

Requirement Description Box

It has a text box titled "Enter Requirement" where the user can enter the job description of the job for which the resumes of candidates are to be evaluated. The entry may be done through the keyboards or system facilities like copy/cut/paste. The entry in this text box serves as a ready reference for filling in the other entries in the Input Screen.

Skills Text Boxes

Highlight Check Boxes

The Sieve provides means for reviewing the resume of a candidate being evaluated in the Resume Pane of the Results Output screen . It provides a very useful facility of highlighting up to three of the core/primary skills in three different colors. Highlighting different keywords in different colors makes the review of the resume much faster and much easier. The Input Screen provides a check box against the core skill and each primary skill. The user can check up to three of these boxes to indicate which skills he wants to be highlighted. In case a user checks more than three boxes, a preferred embodiment of the The Sieve will highlight the skills against the first three checked boxes only. The Input Screen does not allow the user to check a box against an empty skill input box.

Sort Radio Buttons

The Sieve provides the functionality of sorting the skills profiles generated by it automatically from each candidates resume. This sorting provides a very useful means to easily select candidates with the best fit. The sorting is done on two levels. The first sort is done on the duration of the candidate’s experience in any of the core/primary skills. The second sort is done on the year in which the candidates last used that specific skill. The Input Screen provides Radio Buttons for the user to indicate the skill on which he wants the skills profiles to be sorted. The Input Screen does not allow the user to select a Radio Button against an empty skill input box.

Months Boxes

Months Text Boxes Months Text Boxes allow the user to enter in months the minimum experience required for each of the core/primary skill entered. The Input Screen does not allow the user to make an entry in a months text box against an empty skill input box.

Proceed Button

When the user has completed entering the relevant information in the Input Screen he clicks the 'Next' button . Clicking on the next button brings up the File Upload screens.

Reset Button

If the user wants to reset the entries in the form, he can click on the Reset button.

Help Button

The user can click on this button to get help on how to use this application

Files Upload Screens

Upload Method Select Screen

Fig2. - Upload Method Select Screen

The Sieve allows a user to specify up to 50 resumes that the user wants to evaluate. It supports both browsers like Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome that support multi-file upload and browsers like Internet Explorer that allow only single file upload for each file input box. You can select either the Multiple File Upload mode or the Single File Upload mode from the Upload Method Select Screen (Fig.2)

Multiple File Upload

Fig3. - Multiple File Upload Screen

Figure 3 Shows an example of the Multiple File Upload Screen. To select multiple rseumes at the same time click on 'Browse' button. This will take you to the file chooser interface of your system( Windows Explorer for windows). You can then select more than one file for upload. The list of files selected by you will be shown on the screen. However, these files should be located in the same directory of your system. Once you have selected the files to upload, click on the 'Upload' button' to start the file upload and Evaluation process. If, before uploading, you want to cancel the files selected by you, click on the 'Delete' button. To reset, the File input box, click on the 'Cancel 'button

Single File Upload

Step 1- Specify the number of resumes to upload

Fig4. - Single File Upload Screen #1

Figure 3 Shows the first screen in the Single File upload Process. In this screen enter the number of resumes to be uploaded and then click on Submit button.

Step 2- Specify the resume Files; One in each box

Fig5. - Single File Upload Screen

Screen in Figure 5 shows the the required number of file boxes generated by The Sieve, as specified in step1. The user clicks on the 'Browse' button of each box and selects a resume file. After all the boxes have been filled, click on the 'Submit' button to start the upload and Evaluation process

Evaluation Results Screen


The evaluation results generated by The Sieve are displayed in a separate window. A sample of this window is shown in figure 6 below. The window is divided into three sections i.e.